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  • How Important Is Pay Per Click To Your Advertising Portfolio?
    If you've been advertising on the Internet for very long, you should know by now that the name of the game is getting quality traffic and converting it. One of the best ways to get traffic on on a consistent basis, that is targeted, is by using pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising is simply a system where consumers click on your ads trying to either find the merchandise that they're looking for, service that they need provided or Read More...
  • Using Pay Per Click To Build Your List
    Unfortunately, traditional advertising can either be successful or not. We never know how traditional advertising will work out for building a list until we try it, and that can mean a lot of wasted money on advertising. What is Pay Per Click Marketing? Pay Per Click advertising will help you get targeted traffic to your list. Pay Per Click are the sponsored advertisements that come up in your search engine results. Yes, those! Each one of thos Read More...
  • What Is Pay Per Click?
    For some of you, this question might seem a little silly. Of course if you already knew what the term pay per click meant, you wouldn't be reading this article. Maybe you're just curious about what my definition of pay per click is. For those of you reading this who are brand new to Internet marketing and don't know what pay per click is, this article should give you a pretty good education on the subject. Pay per click is really just as it soun Read More...