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Are You Still Confused With SEO Versus PPC (Pay Per Click)?

If you are still wondering whether the high costing SEO program is really worth it or you should opt for a much more cost effective Pay Per click model, then you are not alone.

Most of the businesses out there do not know the difference between the two when it comes to results. Ok, lets as yourself a few questions. How do you find some information on the internet?

It's obvious, you use search engines to find them. Then why should your customers be any different? In order to let them find you, you need to have a well researched SEO program in place.

At the same time a pay per click program is also very effective in fetching you the results. So, which one wins in the SEO versus PPC (pay per click) war?

Let's use both

Traditional SEO has now been replaced by many more techniques and methods that may ensure that your website gets noticed. But it is extremely difficult to stay on the top of the listings or maintain that position on a long term basis.

In fact the top most position is not guaranteed at all. You have to keep paying for the SEO services. When you stop paying for the SEO services, the traffic that you used to get also diminishes.

On the other hand, in paid links, you compete against your competitor for the top spot. The keywords are usually selected by the provider. Even today, when you conduct a search on top search engines, you will always see a top spot reserved for the paid listings.

It certainly will be helpful if you have your advertisement over there.

So which one is the winner?

Eventually it all comes down to personal goals and preferences. If you are looking for an immediate improvement in your leads and returns then a PPC model would be appropriate.

On the other hand for long term ROI, then an effective SEO campaign would be best.

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