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Babys New Room

Here are a few simple ideas for the new baby... When my wife and I had our first child on the way when we went with the theme, Classic Winnie the Pooh. Her baby shower was a hit, everything she received was classic pooh...But when she came home to decorate our daughters room, it was a challenge for her. We did so much in this room and it turned out great...Here are some of the things we did.

We went through our baby shower gifts and found a winnie the pooh color that would be great for the color of the room. So we went to the paint store and bought a gallon. I had to paint the room, because she was pregnant at the time, and it looked great! Then we went to the store and bought some what are like walpaper decors. There were three to a bunch, they were the easiest things to put up. Just like walpaper, but I think easier. Then we went back to the store and purchased a few curtain rods to match the look of the room. At her shower she had gotten a few curtains of classic pooh. We put them up and it started to look like a babys room.

We had put the rest of the gifts away, so many. We had put up two classic pooh lamps with matching shades, all the classic pooh collector books (to be read to later) and the crib classic pooh sheets. It looked great and we couldn't wait for our new daugher to come into this world into her made with love Classic pooh room.

There are so many themes out there you can play around with. It is so much fun getting ready for a new addition.

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