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Beat Adwords With PPC Spying Software

Gone are the days of spending masses of money and time testing and evaluating different campaigns within Adwords. If you want to be able to dominate any given niche, and know exactly which combination of keywords, affiliate programs, and ad copy will deliver results- please take note. Recent PPC Spying software developments have produced some impressive products- namely Google Cash Detective, Undercover Profits, X-Ray and Adspypro.

What is PPC Spying?

Many newbies will be asking what exactly PPC spying is, and how will it deliver the magical profits so many sales letters states? To summarise, the user selects a list of keywords they want to test for a given niche, these are then tested and evaluated on a given search network over a selected period of time, then the results will tell you which keyword combination, affiliate product, affiliate program and most consistent PPC ad are likely to result in profits. These software developers have effectively reduced Adwords and related PPC services to a basic science in which the risks can be assessed before investing time and money into any given campaign.

How Long Does It Take?

Like anything worthwhile, PPC spying does not work overnight. Research states that a minimum of 14 days should deliver accurate enough results to see what is going to work, however to be safe 30 days will almost certainly arm you with enough information to commence a successful PPC campaign.

What Do You Do With The Results?

Now you know which keywords, PPC Ad, Affiliate Product and Affiliate Program are working it is simply a matter of emulating that. In other words, set up a PPC ad based on the profitable keywords and employing very similar ad copy (wording) to the successful ad, and promoting the successful product on the successful affiliate program.

Which Product to Choose?

Obviously the key factor here is functionality versus cost, and it is worthwhile assessing each program individually. At the time of writing this Undercover Profits costs $291 per month ($3300 per year), X-Ray Domination costs $1500 (currently sold out), and AdSpyPro costs $67 (once only payment).

For further reviews, comparisons and information on these software programs:

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Source: www.articlesbase.com