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Can You Really Get Free Google Adwords PPC Ads? Or Is It A Scam?

A new ebook, called GetGoogleAdsFree, claims that a New York business man got more than one million dollars worth of Google's PPC ads free of cost. It went on to say that he did not get them illegally and that Google in fact did not mind.

To be completely honest with you, you cannot get free Google adwords PPC ads. Google makes a lot of money through Adwords and its sister program, Adsense. What would happen if every one suddenly had a way to get these PPC ads for free?

So what are they talking about?

The author of the ebook, GetGoogleAdsFree, knows that you cannot get free Google Adwords PPC ads. However, they mislead audiences into thinking they can since Google's PPC ads have become more competitive over the years and cost per click has risen. People want to get lower costs and would want a way out. Getting free Google Adwords PPC ads would be that way out.

The system however is far from free. If anyone is going to use this system then they would have to be advanced users of Google Adwords and know exactly what they are doing. Getting free Google Adwords PPC ads involves getting someone else to pay for the ads for you. They would pay you to place an ad on your landing page or website that you own. You would then use this money to pay for your Google Adwords PPC ads. This simply means that you are just offsetting the cost of the PPC ads. Is this free? Hardly!

While this method could be used and could be profitable, it isn't free and you would be better off promoting a program of your own and reaping the profits instead of losing clicks to some advertiser who paid you to place an ad on your landing page.

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Source: www.articlecity.com