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Flat Rate Movers In NYC

Whether relocation concerns a residence or business there are movers in NYC who offer customers an all inclusive one-price move that is guaranteed. Known as Flat Rate movers, the innovation introduced in 1991 offers an all inclusive, guaranteed, one-price move.

This was introduced in order to eliminate questionable pricing practices and to develop a trust among customers. They will ask details of what and where you want to move and provide you with a fixed cost estimate for the proposed move.

The service includes packing, collecting your boxes, door step delivery as well as unpacking. However the system is not without problems so you must ensure that the credentials of the company are “good”, there are no complaints with the Better Business Bureau, that the contract includes guarantees, as well as breakage or loss insurance.

You may need to take additional insurance to protect your valuables. Ask the company about this. If in doubt consult a “moving” advisor or consultant. Make time to search on the web for insights about moving and how a move can be made safe and error free.

Check the information offered on company web sites, always contact at least three companies and make a comparison table listing estimate, services, credentials, insurance and so on. Never hesitate to ask around and seek answers from the moving company to even simple questions. Most important check with Dot and the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or reports registered against the companies on your list. Surf the Web for any reviews, blogs, or articles recommending the company or issuing warnings about the company.

There is peace of mind in ensuring the safety of your possessions, so do your best to protect yourself.

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