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Free Animated Ecards

Free animated E-cards are readily available in numerous sites on the Internet. Depending on the occasion (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentineís Day, Graduation, Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, St. Patrickís Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Ramadan, Hanukkah, and so on and so forth), there are so many to choose from. Everyday animated E-cards (Missing you, Thinking of You, Thank You, or Across the Miles) and other cute animated E-cards (pets, sports, babies and small kids) are also readily available. Serious animated E-cards (for example: love, family, religious) can especially be touching and uplifting. Humorous animated E-cards, usually showing slapstick, can really be hilarious. There are also free animated E-cards exclusively featuring hearts, flowers, work, animals, fireworks, landscapes such as lush gardens or tropical beaches, and so on.

Free birthday animated E-cards usually feature glowing birthday candles, cakes, or persons singing, jumping, and dancing. The more serious ones feature loving families and friends. The silly ones usually show pictures of peculiar gifts or curious facial expressions which make fun of the birthday celebrantís age. Free anniversary animated E-cards usually show hearts, flowers, candlelit dinners or any other romantic setting. Free Christmas animated E-cards give moving pictures of Santa Claus, reindeers, elves, pine trees, sparkling lights, family feasts, bundles of gifts, cute snowmen, and so on. Free New Year animated Ecards typically feature a splendid display of fireworks. Free Easter animated Ecards habitually feature Easter bunnies and egg hunting. The more serious ones deal with the resurrection of the Lord. Free Valentineís Day animated Ecards predictably show lots of hearts, cupids and flowers. Free Graduation Ecards typically feature marching graduates or flying graduation hats and diplomas. Free Halloween animated E-cards by convention show witches, brooms, pumpkins and skeletons.

No matter what the occasion or even if you just want your thoughts forwarded to a loved one on a regular day, there is surely at least one free animated E-card you will want to send that the recipient will appreciate.

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