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How to get Better Website ROI

Websites can cost from virtually nothing, to many many thousands. They are your company's shop window in the information super highway. Millions are spent by high street stores researching and building the best shop fronts, yet the vast majority have done no form of keyword analysis research to determine what will give them better search engine ranks. Why is it that the humble website is so often overlooked as the powerful sales tool that it sure is, or could be. How do you get the best Return On Investment (ROI) on your website?

No matter what the investment, you will get no ROI without one thing: a return. Unless your website is earning you money, which means increasing your sales, there can be no website ROI. And if your customers don't know your website exists, there can be no sales, so there can be no website ROI. The good news is that with the right search engine optimization company, it is easy to improve search engine ranking, and soon get better website ROI.

Depending on your business model, timescales and budget, it is often best to take a 2 pronged approach: Start by finding a good Pay Per Click firm offering a comprehensive Pay Per Click advertising package and take their Pay Per Click management service. This is the only legitimate and ethical way to get yourself on the first page of the search engines, same day. With the right Pay Per Click firm, this alone could produce better website ROI. However care must be taken to accurately track your leads and conversions from your Pay Per Click advertising, to ensure that you are making money on the advertising spend. Basically that your profit per customer is higher than the cost per conversion.

It's worth pointing out though, that this calculation should be performed on the lifetime value of customers, not the profit per initial sale. If it's right for your business, it is indeed a valid marketing strategy to lose money on the initial sale, in order to profit from pipeline sales. Super markets do this all the time, it's called a Loss Leader.

The second prong is to engage a Search Engine Optimization Company, to work on better search engine rankings for your website. It may be that this Search Engine Optimization Company is the same as the Pay Per Click Firm in stage one. The one thing that you must start with is a proper targeted keyword analysis research. Don't be proud and arrogant enough to think you can skip this step, because you think you know your business, your market and your customers. You can't beat getting a professional job done of keyword analysis research, it is absolutely the most fundamental step you must take to getting better website ROI.

Once your top 5 key phrases have been agreed with your search engine optimization consultant, they will start the marathon of getting you better website ROI from improved search engine ranking. Expect this to take time, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your dominance of your market place.

One last word, bear in mind that your online competition is not necessarily the same as your real life, bricks and mortar competition. In simple terms, your online marketing competition is anyone that ranks above you for your keyword analysis researched search terms. The nice part is, that the higher your search engine placement, the better the website ROI gets.

Colin McNulty is Principal Online Marketing Consultant at http://www.intrinsic-marketing.co.uk Please click here for information on Pay Per Click Management and her for Better Website ROI .

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