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Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs - Still Worthwhile?

Pay per click affiliate programs have received plenty of criticism in the last few years. They have been a victim of click fraud and many affiliate marketers do not find them worthwhile because of the low revenue per click and prefer instead to promote other affiliate program models like pay per action and the ever popular and traditional pay per sale model.

In truth, pay per click affiliate programs can still work as long your website provides valuable and updated content. This will make your visitors repeat visitors; they will want to return, making it far more likely that they will click on your ads, giving you a commission.

One of the main downsides of pay per click affiliate programs is that they usually require more traffic to earn a substantial income. Since you earn so little per click, you have to drive lots of traffic to earn a worthwhile income. For the pay per sale and pay per action models, it is possible to earn hefty commissions even with little traffic, especially if the visitor is very targeted.

As of the current situation, pay per click affiliate programs are becoming less popular. More affiliate marketers are moving towards the pay per action route. This is evident even with search engine companies, as they are looking to bring out more cost per action models for advertising. Pay per click affiliate programs will remain for some time to come, but expect it’s popularity to decrease even further as time goes on.

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