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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is a two edged sword, and a very sharp one at that! If you get it right, pay per click marketing can be your key to online success the likes of which you have only dreamed. Get it wrong, and you can quickly find yourself out of business and in the poor house. There are several things to consider when preparing a pay per click marketing campaign that will help ensure that you are a shining example of the successful pay per click marketer.

The first thing to consider when setting out to start a pay per click marketing campaign is the keywords you will be targeting. Unless you are Wal-Mart or Amazon or some similar large business, you must pay careful attention to the cost per click for each of your keywords. Make absolutely sure that you don't get carried away with your bidding just to end up at the top of the listings for any particular keyword. Know how much you are willing to spend before you even start and set your pay per click marketing bids accordingly.

Another thing to consider when setting up a pay per click marketing campaign is your advertising copy. Unlike traditional advertising, pay per click advertising IS NOT designed to make sales. It is designed to attract clicks. In my mind, this is the single most important lesson to learn when considering pay per click marketing. In order to attract clicks, you must put yourself in the place of the search engine user and understand how they are using the search engine and what they are looking for. The closer your pay per click advertisement headline is to the keywords the searcher enters, the more likely your advertisement will draw a click.

A final thing to consider when setting up your pay per click marketing campaign is that you DO NOT have to be number one in the listings to have a successful campaign. In fact, you do not have to even be in the top three. Realizing this fact will save you more money than you can imagine. People who are drawn to click on the top three pay per click listings generally are not taking the time to carefully consider what they are clicking on. As a result, these people are not as likely to purchase as another searcher who takes the time to figure out if the ad they are clicking really matches up with what they are looking for. It has been my experience that positions 4 through 6 have been the most profitable positions in my pay per click marketing.

Pay per click marketing can be a VERY effective tool in your advertising efforts IF you take the time to learn and understand the medium. Not doing the due diligence required will almost certainly end in disaster. If you are considering the use of pay per click marketing, then do yourself a favor and make the effort to understand how to utilize pay per click marketing effectively.

Allen Bohart has been involved in Internet Marketing, particularly pay per click marketing for approximately 2 years. He has experienced all of the ups and downs that pay per click marketing has to offer.

Source: www.articledashboard.com