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Pay Per Click model – New Age Marketing Tool

Online business model has been changed and all credit goes to PPC model of Google, Due to Pay Per Click, those who were far behind in the organic searches making it possible to appear on the very first page of Google. But we need to compare how good PPC is over Organic Searches or Organic Searches over PPC.

The main difference in these two models of internet marketing is the efforts and the results of those efforts. Where in PPC you have very instant results on your efforts in SEO it takes months to appear on the first page. Also major problem with organic search is, that it needs to be having a heap of content. In organic SEO efforts we target a few keywords while in PPC we target unlimited keywords, our main concern in either way of advertising is to have ROI i.e. Sale. At the end of the day what matters is the sale and when we may have instant ROI rather than long awaited so why to wait. But one fact is there which is true as well that PPC results are unstable as compared with SEO, if your website is ranked well through your organic SEO efforts then it will show stability for some months.

The only threat to PPC model is the fraud in clicks, but I m rarely bothered about that , some people suggest what if your competitor click intentionally on your advertisement and make you lost your dollars without any return. I say such efforts Black Hat PPC, they people are actually wasting their energy, this is no where giving them any advantage in the business. This may be done in organic SEO, one’s competitor may start a link building campaign with non-relevant key phrases in anchor text linking to your website making you unpopular among search engines. In either case people are wasting their energy and time which may be alternatively used to grow their own business.

I recommend Pay per Click model of Google to generate instant business. I have optimized a no of websites and my clientele is earning through organic search results, but there have been instances when clients were much more interested to do PPC because they were in no mood to stay back where their competitors are making money. But ultimately what is going to help on long term is Organic SEO.

Gaurav Astavekra is an SEO and PPC Consultant. His SEO/SEM Work has helped many companies increase there organic listing in various search engines. He also writers articles and creates awareness among the users who really rely on search engines to earn bugs!!

Source: www.articlecube.com