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PPC Advertising

PPC advertising, also called keyword auctioning, is one of the quickest and productive ways of promoting a business online. If customers are bidding high prices to get on a major search engine and other top web properties, everybody knows it's a profitable place to invest.

Google and Yahoo are the major pay per click advertising programs. Google's program known as AdWords delivers targeted pay per click ads via its own search engines and a host of partner sites. Overture has a selection of specialized PPC advertising programs and is a product of Yahoo. The best quality traffic for most website marketing campaigns is offered by these PPC advertising programs.

To produce effective PPC ads one must bid on the right selected keyword phrases, write persuasive, moving ad copy and have a well written page to have them click through to. Good judgment is necessary because the bid price is mind bogglingly high on some keyword phrases. Writing skills can be utilized for text type advertising placements on many other web sites.

Basically, the advertiser pays a specific rate for every visitor who clicks through from the search engine site to the web site. A specific bid price is set for every unique keyword phrase. A budget is set. When a credit card and a web site are ready, it's time for advertising on the web's top sites.

PPC advertising is all about relevance. Your ads will be removed if they don't get clicked on enough. It?s not like the PPC ads go unnoticed by the public, as many potential advertisers think so. Recent record profits by Google show that many people see the ads and click on them.

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