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What Is Pay Per Click?

For some of you, this question might seem a little silly. Of course if you already knew what the term pay per click meant, you wouldn't be reading this article. Maybe you're just curious about what my definition of pay per click is. For those of you reading this who are brand new to Internet marketing and don't know what pay per click is, this article should give you a pretty good education on the subject.

Pay per click is really just as it sounds. You pay each time a person clicks on an advertised ad to your website. How much you pay is dependent on a number of factors, and that is really where pay per click advertising can run you through the mill if you're not careful.

The main pay per click services are probably Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google is by far the most popular as they arguably have the top ranked search engine in the world. Actually, if you want to be technical, according to the latest Alexa rankings, Yahoo is number 1, Google is number 3 and MSN is number 2. But don't let anybody kid you, as far as pay per click goes, Google practically has a monopoly on the service.

On a purely technical level, pay per click is very simple. You sign up with the pay per click service that you want to use, set up your ads, tell the service the maximum amount your want to spend each time somebody clicks on one of your ads and that's pretty much it. Unfortunately, running a successful pay per click campaign is not so easy. Just as unfortunately, the how to of running a successful pay per click campaign is beyond the scope of this article. In my signature is a resource that will give you additional information on the subject.

Before you even decide to get involved with running a pay per click campaign, get as much information that you can about each pay per click service, because each one has a different terms of service. For example, some services require you to pay for a certain number of clicks in advance, even before you get them. Other services, like Google, only charge you after you have gotten clicks to your site. They do, however, have a setup fee for getting an account with them.

The point is, don't go into pay per click advertising blindly. The costs can really kill you if you don't know what you're doing. Ads that shouldn't cost you more than 10 cents for each click can end up costing you much more. Not targeting your advertising to certain geographic locations can also cost you money in wasted clicks. The list of things that can go wrong and cost you a fortune are endless. So get educated. Pay per click advertising is not something that you casually do. It is something that requires hours of research before you can really take on a pay per click campaign and run it successfully.

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Source: www.a1articles.com