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Why Free PPC Ads Are More Effective Than Paid PPC Ads

There are actually many reasons why the free PPC ads that are promotional articles are actually many times more effective than the conventional paid PPC ads.

We have already mentioned the fact that articles do an excellent job of pre-selling the prospects long before they click through to the site. The best way to get this done is to focus the promotional article on highlighting a serious and nagging problem faced by your prospects that can best be solved by your product or service.

Then there is the fact that the usual resistance people develop when they sense that they are being sold to, is not there. The reason is that written well, articles will never resemble any advertisement. Rather articles are valuable information that many people are usually eager to access. Although PPC ads have been very successful because they hardly look like ads, people are gradually developing some resistance towards them. With the PPC ads that are promotional articles, there will never be a time that people will look at them as ads, as long as they are well written and offer some genuinely useful information.

And now you can greatly speed up the process of getting qualified leads to your site by paying a one off fee to purchase brief commentary articles complete with one way links pointing at your site that are posted on your behalf in leading high traffic blogs and article directories. When you combine these with your free promotional articles posted at your site and at leading high traffic article directories that generate traffic, then only the sky can be the limit to the possibilities for your online enterprise.

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Source: www.isnare.com