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Yahoo Pay Per Click - The First On The Scene, But Are They Still Any Good?

Yahoo pay per click or Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) is the oldest pay per click search engine on the Internet. Before being bought out by Yahoo, this search engine was known as Overture and even before that, GoTo. Yahoo Search Marketing is still one of the top three pay per click options online, along with Google Adwords and MSN Adcenter.

Yahoo Search Marketing found themselves slipping a bit in popularity in 2006 before launching a new interface known as "Panama". This new interface is more similar to the very popular Google Adwords format where the highest bid does not necessarily occupy the top spot in the listings, but the most relevant ad instead. MSN Adcenter had already started with this design and has had some very good early success. The advantage of this design for the search engines is that their visitors see the most relevant ad listings that are related to their search at the very top of the listings. In the previous format any individual or company could be on top simply by bidding higher than the next lowest competitor.

Learning how to use Yahoo Search Marketing is a must for any serious Internet marketing company or individual. The best thing that you can do when starting out in pay per click advertising is to use Google Adwords first and if your ad is successful there then set up campaigns at YSM and MSN, but only once your offer is a proven success. Bottom line is that Yahoo pay per click should be an important part of any successful pay per click advertising campaign.

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Source: www.articletrader.com