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Nextel Phone With GPS Option - Be Careful!

In recent times, gps option available with some of their phones. This feature is great for many reasons. You will learn why you as a consumer should consider a nextel phone with GPS option.

GPS or Global Positioning Satellite, uses the Satellites in space to tell you where you are located. If you remember a few months ago in 2007 Boost Mobile came out with a commercial, they kept says "Where you at?" - then someone would reply "You know where I'm at" in reference to the GPS capability. Nextel uses the term "mobile locator"

Benefits of having nextel phone with gps option:
  • You can locate your phone when it is lost. - this feature only works when the phone itself is powered on.
  • Turn By Turn Directions the most common service used is Motorola's own Viamoto service.
  • If you miss a turn, the direction will adjust themselves to help you find your way.
  • Find local areas of interest such as movie theaters, restaurants, gas stations.

  • Negatives of a having a cell phone with GPS option:
  • Police can track you down (may or may not apply to you)
  • Must get be in area of nextel coverage to use the Gps functions.

  • Older Nextel phone with gps option include:
  • i58
  • i58sr
  • i90 & i90c
  • i730
  • i560
  • i530
  • i760
  • i88
  • i305
  • i710
  • 7520

  • Newer nextel phone with gps option include:
  • i670
  • i580
  • i860
  • i870
  • Blackberry 7100i

  • There may be other nextel phone with gps option please ask any seller this question to verify it before making any purchase..

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