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Free Ringtones

One of the best ways for people to personalize their phones is to use distinct ringtones. Today, gaining access to ringtones is both easy and affordable. People can easily buy ringtones from a number of sources, and there are also quite a number of sources where people can get free ringtones.

There are numerous websites that offer free ringtones in all kinds of formats that include monotone and polyphonic ringtones. However, people should be careful in picking the website from where they would get ringtones because there are some websites that are run by unscrupulous people who may be out to give people more than just ringtones. Moreover, there are also websites that are run by people who are only out to make a profit out of other people’s artistic work without paying royalties.

People should watch out for websites that offer ringtones as part of scams or other unscrupulous activities. Examples of such are the websites that ask people who download ringtones to pay for a membership fee or for other payments in exchange for access to the ringtones they offer. Other examples are the websites that install malicious software like spyware and annoying pop-up ads, which can cause problems to the computers of people who download ringtones from these websites. There are also websites that offer free ringtones without paying the royalties due to the artists who made the songs from which ringtones are based or copied.

For people who wish to personalize their phones, getting distinct ringtones can help them to do so. There are a lot of websites that offer ringtones for free, but people should be careful, as there are websites that perpetrate illegal activities through the free ringtones that they provide.

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