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Skins And Templates, Software And Web

The thing which comes to my mind is that everything has a parallel. Even in such a small niche as skin development we have skins for applications and their equivalent in web - website templates.

What do they have in common? All skins contain graphics, colors, fonts and size settings. They differ just in technology. Ones use SkinCrafter or DirectSkin - which are quite specific tools; others do use Flash, AJAX and XML which are very widespread technologies.

So, the skins for applications are almost the same as templates for web sites.

Personally, I adore SkinCrafter for their skins gallery and TemplateMonster for their templates.

What would be really interesting to compare the actual number of developers working on skins for shareware and for websites? I believe web is leading in this comparison.

But, nevertheless, skins are what the developers are doing - this means that customers are demanding the nice and cute interfaces and you may improve your products if that yet had no skinningtemplating support.

Well, go ahead and make your programs and websites more attractive, there are a lot of the tools to choose from.

I have a friend who has nice knowledge in web templates. He is Alex Tumanov (http://alexander-tumanov.name/) Feel free to contact him with any questions on the templates. I would still prefer working with skins and software as web development is not what I like.

Few words about SilverLight and Adobe AIR. This technology will guide the future interface. AIR makes it really easy for web applications to become a desktop software. I believe they will rule the UI quite soon. A couple of years for sure.

Pavel Gritsay,
Expert of User Interface Design

Source: www.articlesbase.com