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Vista - Is It For You?

As most of you know, Windows Vista new operating system was released in January. If you're planning to use Vista, you should check it out first. It is a very new program and like most programs may need to have the kinks worked out. But if you are one that get new technology as soon as it appears than this is for you. Most computer manufacturers are seeing that people are wanting to purchase new computers to get Vista, so Vista is what will typically come installed with any computer you purchase today.

If you choose not to have vista and would like to stay with windows XP then you might have to have it built to suite you. Also, it is worth knowing that only newer model printers will be coming out with Vista drivers, so if you have an older model you might have to purchase a new one or come up with an alternate solution. You should still be able to use the XP drivers on any Vista computer.

What ever printer or camera you select to use with this software, be sure to check with the manufacturer for Windows Vista compatibility before purchasing a new computer with Windows Vista installed.

If you have an computer with windows XP installed and want Vista, then you will need to purchase the disk and install it yourself. If this is the case I would sugguest that you back up all of you files, photos and any other documents that you want to keep. Then call your technical support and have them walk though it with you. This will save you time and stress.

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Source: www.isnare.com