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Nintendo DS Lite - How Can You Live Without It?

Touch screen technology, dual screens, and wireless communication: that is how Nintendo DS Lite is described by the gamers.

Nintendo DS is the leading gaming station in the United States, with the company located in Rockefeller center in the city of New York. It even surpasses the number of gaming units which SONY sells.

The interaction between the gamers and the games has got a new definition by Nintendo DS Lite's free Wi-Fi connection. You can now compete with the gamers all throughout the world. Distance is no more the factor now.

Dual Screens

Two unbelievably and extraordinarily brilliant LCD screens offer you the most revolutionary game play technologies ever advanced! Say no to 2-D! The new advanced LCDs can produce a perfect 3-D view with remarkable 3D renderings to surpass the images displayed on its own Nintendo 64.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Are you ready to take the world on? Nintendo Wi-Fi connevtion lets you connect to any gamer playing anywhere in the world wirelessly. Now, play and chat at the same time. All what you need is a Wi-Fi ready game and not to forget the most important, Nintendo DS. What more? The service is totally FREE!

Touch Screen Technology

No need to rely on buttons to shift point of views or to move your characters. The lower screen of Nintendo DS Lite offers a new feature which surpasses all the other gaming stations: touch screen technology. So, now you can steer the menus and access the items in the inventory with just the touch of your finger.

But watch out! Nintendo does not monitor the Nintendo DS Lite wireless communication along with the Picto-Chat and hence it is NOT private. So, beware before revealing any of your individual information or fixing a meeting with a stranger!

What are you waiting for? The new Nintendo DS Lite is all there, waiting for you. Get Set Go and take on the world.

Whether you are looking for a DS Lite Nintendo Pink or a DS Lite Nintendo Onyx, you can't go wrong with a DS lite Nintendo gaming system.

Source: www.articlebiz.com