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Teens and Video Games; What is a Parent to Do?

One parent and homeschooling mom suggests an alternative to violent and sexual video games, as they obviously teach our children things, which are not mentally healthy at all. Perhaps SimCity is a suggestion worthy of mention?

SimCity is a fun endeavor indeed, kind of reminded me of my days as a 3-4 year old merging my Lincoln Logs, Legos and Erector Set pieces together to complete a project without running out of pieces? It would seem that kids should be given computer games like SimCity, FlightSimulator and a Space VR type game. Interactive gaming VR and Augmented Reality can help teach, heal, train and help the brain with 3D and 4D visualization learning which the human brain seems to like better and it increases learning speeds.

As far as SimCity; having participated in the real world and traveling the US, it seems that perhaps documentaries of Downtown Revitalization might be a worthy thing for the Discover Channel too. For instance;



Maybe the Power that Be; Bill Gates, who can really make a huge impact will take his thoughts since he has his own children to integrate some reality into some of the games that Microsoft Partners contract to make for the xBox 360? It seems it is possible to tap into that market in a big way. For instance look at the success of stores like Zaney Brainy and the many little independent stores, which are in this genera, which sell to parents, homeschoolers and teachers?

Maybe America does need to take a hard look at the video games our children are playing and work towards making them positive and re-enforcing the values we are trying to teach them rather than diminishing their morality? Perhaps you to will consider this in 2006.

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Source: www.a1articles.com