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Download Free iPhone Theme - You Need To Know This

You can download free iPhone theme from many different sites. There are even iPhone themes available for other makes of cell phone, and even as Wordpress themes for websites. If you want to know where to get themes for your Iphone, check out the rest of this article.

Following on the huge success of the Apple iPod, which shows no sign of slowing down, Apple has now launched the iPhone, giving users the option of carrying just one light machine around with them to use as both a cell phone and a music storage system.

The Apple iPhone is a certainty to carry on the phenomenal success of Apple's iPod. This is a highly desirable piece of hardware. Not everyone is in a position, for various technical and financial reasons, to avail themselves of it, and for that reason it is good news that there are themes available for other machines. All of the major names are included in this, such Nokia and Motorola. The Blackberry, which has far greater capabilities than the average cell phone, also has iPhone themes that can be used with it.

You can also download free iPhone theme for the iPhone itself! If you are not happy with the default, or just feel like a change, you can get something called a "Hack Toolkit", which will allow you to get into your Apple iPhone, and change the theme. The new themes themselves are downloadable from many different sites on the internet, most of which are funded by advertising, and voluntary donations.

The main problem to watch out for when downloading themes, or indeed anything else, from the internet, is the trustworthiness of the site. Downloading themes from sites which offer them is a lot safer than downloading pirated software, movies or music from a P2P site. These downloads are totally legal. You should still exercise due care, though, as unscrupulous site owners can infect your machine with viruses and trojan horses, in an attempt to gain a "back door" into your machine. If you do download anything from the net, make sure that you scan it with anti virus software. Most machines will come with this software built in, but if yours doesn't have it, or it has expired, it is possible to get free anti virus software, provided your machine is not used commercially.

Taking this precaution will allow you to safely download free iPhone theme. Check out the links below to see the most popular download sites.

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