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Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing (Part 1) - Getting Started

For the affiliate marketer one of the most difficult aspects of the business is how to advertise successfully. Success means your sales outnumber what you spend on advertising, a profit. One of the first methods of advertising affiliate marketers choose is pay-per-click search engine marketing. Pay per click search engine marketing is not the easiest method of affiliate marketing there is. Initially, it can be an expensive method to begin with, sometimes creating a loss because the expense can be more than what is earned if not done correctly. In this series of articles, I will outline some of the techniques I have used to be profitable in search engine marketing.

Getting Started

Naturally, the first step you need to take to start a pay per click search engine advertising campaign is to sign up for the service. This is not difficult to do. However, all the major search engines have a set-up fee or an initial deposit of $5.

After signing up, you need to do some research on each of the sites to get an idea as to what they expect from your ads and the websites that you are advertising. The research should involve looking into how sites are ranked in the search engine advertising section. Each search engine has itís own algorithm for calculating your position based on variables such as site relevancy, maximum bid, and ad relevancy. Over time, other factors will be important such as click-thru rate. A high click-through rate is an indication of relevancy.

When your initial research is done, then you need to start choosing keywords. This will be discussed in part 2 of this pay per click search engine marketing series.

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