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Make Your Own Paid To Click Program

Can we make our own Paid To Click Program? How do we doit ? Do you know anything about affiliate program?

Affilate is the program where the webmaster will get pay for offering other people or company products or services., especially when the their website visitors purchasing a product or service from their website. But do you know that the affiliate program is not pay you just for selling their program?

Yes, some affiliate program has many system that can give us more revenue and give us change to make extra money without seling their products.

Do you know about "impression", "lead" and "clicks". Well the affiliate program use that terms to run their program, but not all website can use their program into their website. So many rule to follow especially for new website that dosn't have alot of traffics.

Type of commont payment system that affiliate program use:
They pay for impression
They pay for lead
They pay you for click

This is my own PTC on this blog.
I only want to show you one of my own PTC that no body know about it. I hope you can little bit understand what i am talking about. I joined an affiliate program (not famous one) they called their site Product Review. You will and maybe have seen it when you visited this blog http://highendprofile.blogspot.com. In coming article on that blog is Make Your Own "Adsense". I will write about it on my blog how do we make our own contextual ads.

Source: www.articletrader.com