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Google AdSense Websites - Make Passive Income Without Any Clicks

That is a pretty amazing statement! Just how can your AdSense websites make you any money "Before" you get any clicks? No, Google has not changed it's terms of service overnight and is now paying for ad views rather than ad clicks


A hot new program has launched that you can incorporate into your AdSense websites to ensure you 'Will" be making money before anyone clicks on one of your AdSense ads. That means you no longer have to wait until someone is bothered or motivated enough to click out before you can get some money in the bank. And making money, isn't that the whole reason you made an AdSense website in the first place?

This new feature that you can add to your website is a simple 5 second audio ad that plays automatically as a visitor enters your website and then shuts down just as quick as it started. It is so short it is being classed as unobtrusive however you can reap the rewards from those 5 seconds in the way of cold hard cash.

If this is the first time you have heard about this amazing new program called Pay Per Play then consider it to the first of many. Google AdSense is going to become an advertiser in the shadows, as Pay Per Play takes centre stage for 2008. It has already muscled it's way into a position where almost every second a new member is signing up. Considering the following AdSense attracted with it's offer of no profits without clicks, just imagine how large the following is going to be for a program that pays for every visitor.

If you have websites, are always looking to increase your profits and like to be a couple steps ahead of the game then Pay Per Play is something you want to be checking out right now.

Get Paid Before Any Clicks by joining the Pay Per Click Advertising model as it launches in Feb 2008. No more going grey, waiting for people to click on your adsense to generate you profits. Automated system now makes it easy. http://www.BigInternetProfits.com

Source: www.isnare.com