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Tactics For Making A Pay-Per-Click Ad Perform

Writing a pay per click ad that works is a challenge as they often have to be very cleverly crafted. Perhaps your first piece of wise advice on this should be about keywords. Selecting the right keywords that bring targeted traffic is everything in the pay-per-click business and if you canít get the knack of it maybe another form of money making on the Internet and SEO is better for you.

The best place to put your search term keywords is right in the first line of your pay per click ad. This helps the search engine spiders find you when someone types what they want into a search engine box. If you can get the specific search phrase down this will give you an edge over your competition as Google will grab your ad first even if your ad is not placed first or second in the search engines!

Another tactic that some experts recommend is fitting different keyword phrases into one pay per click ad. In fact if you can make all three lines of your pay per click advertisement into three commonly searched search engine phrases then the ad will likely succeed.

It is also a good idea to have one phrase in the pay per click ad that emphasizes the unique benefit or feature of your product or service. This should concisely explain what that is in a way that grabs a readerís attention. Remember that these ads are not just written for search engine spiders but also to get peopleís attention when they surf through web pages looking for an item. So even if your page is not in a top spot, people will go to some trouble to try and find the ad that suits what they are looking for most accurately before they point or click.

Anthony Gregory is a SEO and Website Marketer. He can be contacted at: Sales (at) Brilliantseo.com

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