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Isnt Sale the Purpose of Advertising?

I am sure you know that advertising is vital to our business. Whether it's free, whether it's paid, the key is to assign it to a purpose and to use it accordingly.

"Isn't sale the purpose of advertising?" you might have a question to me. Well, no, at least not always. For instance, while writing your ads you should focusing two main points Visitors and Exposure.

1. Focusing Visitors.

May be your ad is not large enough to tell everything about what you sell. Think about a 5 lines ad. You will spend two lines with headline and link (direction). What about to write first in three remaining lines? In this situation a good choice is to gain the readers attention and to send them to your site where you have the sales letter.

2. Focusing exposure.

Put yourself in the reader position. You have on your screen a list running tens of ads. Will you read everyone? Probably not. You will read one, two, three... but not the entire list. May be the most interesting ad is swimming between the rest.

Going back to advertiser position, lack of exposure makes your ad quite impossible to be noticed. To improve your ad exposure you have two choices: A Top Sponsor Ad or A Solo Ad.

A Top Sponsor Ad is the first ad you see on a list. Most of the time it is personalized to catch the reader's attention. By the consequence it has a high exposure related to the rest ones. Top Sponsor Ad is a good solution when you can describe well your product in only 3-4 lines or you focus visitors.

A Solo Ad gets you the maximum exposure because it is exclusive per issue and well personalized. Another advantage of Solo Ad is you have enough room to write about your product, it is like a selling letter going to a large readers base.

Of course, for a Top Sponsor or Solo Ad you must pay more, but if you take care to chose the most appropriate list(s) you will have the money back plus a good profit. Do not think that you will succeed choosing by random a list with a large base of subscribers. Better use a small one that is close targeted to your product and if is possible run your solo or top ad twice. If you need to change something, change the ad not the ezine.

Valerian Dinca is a freelance writer specialized in items like winning highest exposure with ezine adverising

Source: www.isnare.com