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Tips Using URL Redirect for Promoting Affiliate Program

Tips using URL Redirect for Promoting Affiliate Program

URL Redirect can be used to hide the link of Affiliate Program that is usually take a long URL name, And if someone access through URL Redirect, it will be forward to real URL.

Example of Link Affiliate Program

Using URL Redirect, becomes:


blogbisnisinternet is your URL Redirect name .cjb.net is a provider URL Redirect service

Everyone who access through http://blogbisnisinternet.cjb.net/, will be forward to http://BlogBisnisInternet.com/?id=angelina0880, but the URL http://BlogBisnisInternet.com/?id=angelina0880 is hidden. So, if everyone want to access again, he/she will type http://blogbisnisinternet.cjb.net/ make you secure that if someone want to buy Affiliate product, he/she will but through your link Affiliate

One of URL Redirect Service provider is http://www.cjb.net/

The steps
1). Open http://www.cjb.net/
2). Click Free Domains “Sign Up”
3). Click “I would like to redirect my free domain to another web site address”
4). Type your URL Name.

You have to login and choice "keep Active" in login page every 90 days, to keep your account active.
The benefit using URL Redirect:
1). Your URL Link of Affiliate Program will be shorter and it will be easier to be remembered.
2). You are not worried to promote affiliate link, because he/she will come back with your Url Redirect Name and every sales you will get the money

You can put your URL redirect in your webpage, blog or email in your signature to promote Affiliate Program.

David Odang, http://www.blogbisnisinternet.com

Source: www.a1articles.com