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Temecula Festival Fun!

A visit to historic Old Town Temecula brings you closer to the Temecula Blue Grass Festival, where an assortment of shopping deals tempt your wallet and bluegrass tunes fill the air with energy. During your stay, some of the satisfying treats to consider sampling include delicious homemade jerky and addicting root beer floats. While a collection of historic hotels offer comforting accommodations, some visitors enjoy camping out for the entire weekend (for a small fee).

The Temecula Valley Film and Music Festival will enter its 14th year in 2008, as some of the best in film and music gather for recognition and celebration about the Temecula Valley. Up-and-coming independent filmmakers and musicians hailing from all over the United States and beyond make their way to Temecula to enjoy five days of film screenings, music, workshops, and special events, all in September. Just some of the interesting events within the festival include the Black Tie Awards Gala, and individual screenings that cost $8 each when not purchased under an all-day pass.

Guests who attend the Temecula Valley International Jazz Festival in July are in for a real treat when all sorts of musical geniuses bring the hot and cool sounds of jazz to the city. When planning a trip for the 2008 celebration, visitors will encounter the likes of Gerald Wilson and Tom Scott. This is also the time when the Chuck Niles Jazz Music Award Competition is awarded, dubbing the "Hippest Cat in Hollywood." Other specialties offered at this festival include food, art, and plenty of chances to browse about unique shops.

Last but not least - remember the adventure and excitement that comes with a visit to the Temecula Hot Air Balloon Festival, as guests encounter the chance to book an exciting hot air balloon flight into the sky. Sailing above the mesmerizing landscapes of Temecula, you can enjoy a birds' eye view of the wineries and other sights about town. Keep in mind that balloon rides are offered at sunrise (departing from Lake Skinner), where you will join the rest of the festivities in the afternoon. Also, remember that this festival provides Kids Faire (for younger guests); music; food; and unforgettable fun.

Looking for more festivals about town?

A few other events that join the Temecula Hot Air Balloon Festival for the calendar year includes the Smooth Jazz and Music Festival held at Ponte Family Estate Winery in October; the Temecula Wine and Music Festival held in April (which allows you to take advantage of the newest concert venue at Oak Meadows); and the Temecula Music Fest in May (with an entertaining battle of the bands contests to enjoy).

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