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6 Hot Tips for Mastering Pay Per Click Advertising on Yahoo

Are you really telling me you only use Google Adwords for your pay per click advertising? If you’re ignoring pay per click advertising on Yahoo you could be loosing some serious profits. Here are six tips to get you familiar with Yahoo’s pay per click advertising so your marketing efforts can start getting you a piece of another pie.

1. Bid for Placement- Unlike Google Adsense, with Yahoo you can bid for placement and determine what position your ad will show depending on how much you bid per click. The advertiser with the highest bid will have position #1. Position #2 will go to the next highest and so on. If you really want that top spot you can grab it for the right price.

2. Best Ad Positions on Yahoo- Positions 1 through 5 convert the best with pay per click advertising on Yahoo, while max traffic comes with positions #1 and #2. Try and bid accordingly and aim for these coveted spots.

3. Write Quality Ads- Yahoo now gives weight to the quality of your ad, much like Google does, so write them well. Include your keywords in the title and description of your ads to make them as relevant as possible to the keywords you’re bidding on. And don’t forget to make them catchy. Boring ads don’t get clicks so be creative and catch the reader’s eye.

4. Dealing with Disapproved Ads- Because pay per click advertising on Yahoo involves having your ads approved by the editorial team before they show you need to make sure you read Yahoo’s guidelines and stick to them. But what if you stayed within the rules and still get disapproved? Here’s a trick—call them. Yahoo has a number you can call and speak directly to a member of the editorial staff. They’ll go over any changes that really need to be made to your ads and if all is well they’ll resubmit your ad for you with a personal note attached. Your ads will be showing in less than a day.

5. Direct Linking- Unlike Google that will not let you use affiliate links in their ads, Yahoo is cool with linking directly to the merchant’s website. This eliminates the need for a landing page or the worry of duplicate urls. Use this feature to test new campaigns for profit potential before putting effort into building your own landing page or website.

6. Beware the Content Network- Leaving the “content network” option on can spell big trouble as the traffic from these sources is usually poor. If you’re new to pay per click advertising on Yahoo do yourself a favor and turn this option off. Your wallet will thank you.

Cindy McKie is a freelance writer and internet marketer. Do you want to learn to crush Yahoo and make $50 while doing it?

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Source: www.isnare.com