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Finally! A Great Alternative To AdSense

PPP also known as pay per play is causing the latest craze in internet advertising. Under the PPP program internet publishers can generate revenue just for playing an ad on their website. This is the opposite of Pay per click advertising programs such as Adsense. An adsense publisher can only generate revenue if a visitor clicks on a paying ad.

Pay Per Click programs put the entire burden on the publisher. Under most pay per click programs webmasters must allocate premium real estate in their site upfront to place ads that are not guaranteed to generate revenue in the future. Not to mention the quality of content has suffered significantly as many publishers have built their websites based on high paying keywords instead of their area of expertise. To top it all, the PPC providers also surround their paying algorithms with a shroud of secrecy which has caused a lot of frustration amongst publishers. Clearly the pay per click advertising system is not perfect and has proven to be a very unreliable business model for many publishers. Many publishers tried to build their empires based on Adsense only to find out that they were banned from the program abruptly.

For publishers tired of the endless and constantly changing requirements of the major pay per click providers there is hope. Pay Per Play the newest format in internet advertising is open to any website owner regardless of size. PPP is clearly a good alternative to adsense. Under the PPP program every time a visitor goes to your web site you get paid. This is believed to be the next revolution in internet marketing and it is just starting.

PPP is free to join! All you have to do is register and then place a small code on the pages in your website where you want the small audio ads to be heard. If you join now while PPP is still building its network you could also benefit from getting others to join. This could be a lucrative opportunity for anyone willing to capitalize on it.


Source: www.a1articles.com