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Mastering Adwords - How To Get Solid 5-10% Click Through Rates

In order to create profits from Adwords, you need to have a good click through rate. Better click through rates allow you to keep your cost per click low, your ad position high, and ultimately gives you more profits. Having more clicks also means more people get to see your offer. Here are some proven tips on getting solid click through rates:

Tip 1: Ask a question where possible

In school we were always trained to answer questions. When you ask a question in your ad, you are giving your reader a chance to get emotionally involved in your ad. Better still, get your prospect to say 'Yes'. By getting your prospect to agree with you, you have won the half of the battle. You can also use a question to address your prospect's needs.

Tip 2: Use power words in your ad

If your ad is boring and filled with non emotive words, it won't incite action with your prospects. Use power words to inspire action. Some examples of power words in marketing include 'breakthrough', 'amazing' and 'brand new'. A good reference book for power words is the book titled 'Words That Sell'.

Tip 3: Write a 'grab-you-by-throat' headline

Your headline must be attention grabbing or it won't get the clicks. As you may know, your headline is the singular most important factor of your ad. Get your headline right, and you will certainly get a ton of clicks even if your body copy is average. Ask a question in your headline, include power words, and mention your most powerful benefit.

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