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Which Do You Have to Choose? - Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Per-Click

If people come to think about online marketing, there are two known methods that will soon pop up to them to enhance and improve the visibility of the company’s website, the organic SEO and pay-per-click.

Indeed, if you will use both, surely the website’s profile will be maximize but due to budgetary constraint, it is impossible to use the two. It is normally wiser to focus on a particular method in increasing your website’s visibility. But then which do you have to choose, will it be organic search engine optimization or pay-per-click?

Organic SEO indeed has several distinctive advantages over pay-per-click. There were some studies done that showed that organic SEO have lots of advantages.

Studies showed that there were few people who prefer to click on paid search than to the results found on organic SEO. A certain study was found that users prefer to click on the results of organic SEO six times than to those on paid search.

There are other studies that showed that 30% search engines users prefer to click on the paid listings and 70% of the search engine users prefer to click the results found on organic SEO.

The trust level for the organic SEO results are much higher than those on pay-per-click, which showed on some studies as well. There is a particular study made and showed that 14% prefer pay-per-click, 29% stated that they are being annoyed by the paid listings and 66% showed that they do not trust the paid ads. So it is very clear that the level of trust for organic SEO is higher.

Indeed, a lot of people are now using the internet to get valuable information. A lot of users and searchers are aware of pay-per-click as marketing tool. There is a study again that showed not only 38% of searchers aware from the paid and unpaid search results. There are 54% that are aware that Google is the widely used and recognized as the well known search engine.

Another advantage of organic SEO is that the costs remain stable than the prices in pay-per click.

Pay-per-click may generate results more rapidly than an organic SEO. But of course, organic SEO can give lasting results. In pay-per-click when the budget runs out or when the company decided to terminate the campaign, the search results will end up too. In organic SEO, the optimized website can have an impact on the search engine results.

On Google, there are 72.3% who felt that organic SEO were more appropriate, and there are only 27.7 percent who felt pay-per-click are appropriate. In terms of Yahoo there is 60.8% for organic SEO and 39.2 for paid.

Absolutely, organic SEO has a lot of distinctive advantages than pay-per-click. With time and effort definitely your website will have effective organic search engine optimization.

But of course, it is really up to you which to choose from organic search engine optimization or pay-per-click. Just look into your distinctive situation before you decide which one to choose, choose wisely, because the method of search engine you will choose will have an impact on your website’s success.

Article Author Eliza Maledevic from http://www.Jump2top.com, a SEO Company. Know our company profile at http://www.7seo.com

Source: www.articlesbase.com