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How To Edit A Video In Minutes Using Ulead VideoStudio 11

1. Connect your DV camera into the PC. It should make a noise and tell you itís recognizes your camera.

2. Open up ulead video studio and click on the video editor.

3. In the video editor click on the capture tab. The program should now recognize that a camera is connected. Click on the capture video and away u go.

(TIP: if that doesnít happen donít worry. Close the program and click on the program widows movie maker. Inside movie maker click on capture video and that should do the trick)

So back to video studio

4. Now once you have up your video loaded on the PC the editing can start. Click the edit tab.

5. Once there load your video by clicking on the load video button which look like an open folder logo next to the word video.

6. Find where your video is and open it.

7. Next drag and drop your video in to the story board at the bottom of the screen, itís written ďdrag and drop video clip hereĒ

8. Now click on the little button that says multi trim video. This will enable you to edit your video (i.e. cut out the bits you want).

9. Now in this screen you can use the F3 and F4 key to put markers as to the sections you want.

10. Press the play button, and then click F3 when you want to start (i.e. the part of the video you want to keep).

11. When you get to a part you want to stop press F4

(TIP: Use the jog wheel next to the video time Ė this will help you move the video much slower)

12. So now youíve collected a group of little video from your big one.

13. Click ok and they will all be put together as one big video.

14. You can now watch your video if you click on play with is located underneath where you can see your video.

15. So youíve got a video but only people can only watch it on your PC. So hit the share button.

16. Iíve found that if you first create a video file then use your regular burn software to burn the disc. BUT you can simple choose create disc and follow this to make your DVD disc.

Joe Rayand is an internet entrepreneur specialising in helping ordinary people with their computer related problems.

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Source: www.articledashboard.com