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Pay Per Click Optimization - The Dos And Donts Of Good Pay Per Click Optimization

Pay per click optimization is now more important than ever, especially when using Google Adwords. The pay per click optimization that I'm referring to isn't necessarily your ad copy, which is also very important, but your landing page copy. The better optimized that your landing page is for the keyword phrase that you're targeting, the less expensive your clicks will be and the higher your page will rank for that phrase. Advanced pay per click marketers will use a different optimized landing page for each group of keywords that they have. This can sometimes mean building several different landing pages for one campaign, however, if this is a very expensive, very competitive campaign, you can bet that those marketers that take the time to do this tedious work will definitely have a leg up on the competition.

When building landing pages make sure to give good quality content for your visitors. Don't make them "salesy", but offer good tips so that your visitors that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, whether it be product or service, will want to click through or enter their email address in order to get more great information. Are you familiar with successful article marketing tactics? If so, those very much apply to writing good landing page content. The tactics that I'm speaking of are basically to give the reader very good information leading up to something and then leaving them hanging on the edge so that they must perform a specific action, in this case, clicking through or signing up, to get the rest of the information. Keep these tips in mind when performing pay per click optimization and you'll be well ahead of the majority of your competition.

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Source: www.a1articles.com