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The Rising Cost Of Google Pay-Per-Clicks Advertising

Before our world converted from an unplugged existence to the wonderful world of wireless technology, advertising was much simpler. Businesses called the local newspaper and took out advertisement space that they could afford. If they wanted to reach even farther, they would look beyond their local paper and extend their campaign to a billboard in their city or to the larger paper in the town next door. Because of the age of the super information highway, advertising has changed. Today businesses can spend a fraction of what they used to in their marketing budget and reach tens of thousands more consumers. How? Adwords.

Not too long after the inception of the internet, search engines began. And shortly thereafter, the conglomerate anomaly that we call "google" was born. Google became more than a search engine. It's one of the biggest earning sites on the web. It only makes sense, then, to consider what a business can earn if its executives choose to advertise with Google. Google has made this easy thanks to their form of advertising with Adwords pay-per-click advertisement.

When a business wants to advertise on Google, they must simply go to the Adwords website and post their ad. They do not pay every time their ad appears, but instead Google charges them each time someone clicks on their ad. So they only pay when customers click. This is very agreeable on every person's part, but the cost of Adwords pay-per-clicks ads had consistently been on the rise: it works. Those who advertise with Google have seen interest and sales increase exponentially, and thus Google is cluing into the fact that they must now charge more simply because people are seeing the benefit of using their site. Thus Google has found a way to make money online simply by just existing.

Ironically, Google's search engine differs little from any other search engine. Their popularity has stemmed from their early success, and as a result, while they may not be the absolute best search engine, they are the most popular. After all, when have you ever heard someone say, "Just Dogpile it"? With Google becoming a household name in the industry. "I googled my name and came up with 2200 hits!"

Essentially, Adwords has worked for everyone in the business. It continues to make Google popular, and it essentially offers free advertising for those who wish to participate since they only pay for the clicks on their ads. Businesses do not pay until they receive a click. Thus they have exposure without having to pay a dime until the consumer bites on their bait.

The best thing about Adwords pay-per-click ad, and probably the reason that it continues to rise in cost, lies in Google engineers' genius in narrowing the market for those who advertise on Google. Let's say you have a business that focuses on an online money making guide. When an individual types in "make money online," your business's ad pops up. If the person types in "fried chicken recipes," your ad will not pop up. Only those seeking for your business will see your ad.

Thus we can understand the rising cost of Adwords pay-per-click ads. This is indeed a wonderful system by a popular search engine, and it works. The adwords website has dozens of testimonies by businesses that have grown as a result of advertising with Google. So watch out Daily Times, because Google is taking over the marketing world.

Ironically, this rising cost of Google adwords pay-per-click method of advertising has shut out many a small business concerns and even the very big companies. This is because, it is becoming unnecessarily very expensive to advertise one's wares or products on the net. Keywords in the very competitive markets could go as high as $50 per one and this is worrisome especially if your sales conversion rate is small.

In so far as this paints a gloomy picture for the internet marketer, a secret solution was recently, however stumbled upon. And this of course is FREE adverting, the technicalities of which will be treated next time.


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Source: www.isnare.com