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What is Pay Per Play?

Pay Per Play is a new marketing medium that has been around for a few years. Recently the company that started this new medium has launched an initiative to expand the number of websites it serves ads on. Here is a brief explanation of what Pay Per Play is and how it works.

- Pay Per Play is an audio based advertisement method that works exactly like a radio ad. The ad is a 5 second piece that plays as son as a visitor comes to you site.

- You simply embed the supplied code onto your website just like you would the code for Pay Per Click advertising.

- You can embed the code on every page of your website, or you can choose which pages you want the code on. Each visitor will only hear 1 ad, no matter how many pages they view. This means you don't have to worry about driving visitors away from your site due to any annoyance factor.

- The code takes no space on your site, and does not lead visitors away from your site.

- The commission paid to website owners is 25% of whatever the advertiser has paid for the ad to be heard.

- Ads will begin playing on February 1st 2008.

- Currently for every website owner who signs up they also automatically become an authorized referral rep. This means you sign up other sites and receive a 5% commission for every ad they play.

Why would audio ads be placed on the internet?

Advertisers have really started to take notice that people are not watching television the way they used to, so it is no longer as effective as it once was. With the advent of Digital Video Recorders more and more people are recording programs so they can fast-forward through the commercials. Another reason is more and more people are spending time on the internet, instead of watching TV.

Is it effective?

It is very effective. The companies that have been using this technology for the past few years have had millions of ad served each month. Now the advertisers want to increase this into billions of ads each month. The reason for this huge push to expand is the success rate.

Like Pay Per Click ads, the audio ads are targeted to match the content on the website they are served on. What this means is the ads are targeted to the people who actually hear them. This results in a much better return on investment for the advertiser.

Another reason advertisers love this method is they only pay for an ad when it is heard. TV ads cost them millions, and they only have a rough estimate on how many people will be watching at any given time. They also know there is a large number of people who leave the room while commercials are on.

With this method they know when an ad is heard, and only have to pay then, so there is no wasted money. Also, people who are on the internet don't get up and leave the room when they hear the commercial come on.

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Source: www.isnare.com