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Keyword Research - Do It Right For Pay Per Click Marketing and Google Adwords Success

The first step in starting a new Ad Group or Campaign for Pay Per Click or Google Adwords is Keyword Selection. Until you've tested your keywords you won't know which are the most profitable but you have to start somewhere. There are many great tools to help you with your keyword research so you have no excuses for being lazy with your keywords.

One of the most common mistakes made by beginners to Google Adwords is creating massive groups of hundreds or even thousands of keywords. They get them running and before they know it they've lost $1000 and barely made a sale. "How is this possible? I was only paying 50 cents a click!". It all adds up unfortunately and if you haven't got everything optimized and you aren't tracking what is going on then you can quickly loose quite a bit of money.

So what's the right way to do it? What you need to do is write teaser ads for a carefully selected group of very similar keywords. You want your ad to match as closely as possible what the person is searching for. If you dump all your keywords into one ad group you will have many keywords where the ad doesn't match what the searcher is looking for. This will bring down your total click-thru rate and you'll be wasting money. In a lot of cases you may want to start with just one keyword per ad group and optimize that ad and then later ad more keywords that are very similar to each other. To your achievement in 2007!

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Karl Brandt specializes in Online Business and Internet Marketing.

Source: www.isnare.com