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USA Paid Surveys - Why Will People Pay For Your Opinion, Is It A Scam?

USA paid surveys have quickly become one of the most debated ways to make money online available. The reason for this is that there appears to be few answers as to whether they are a scam or not.

On The one hand there are those that claim they are a scam but I can tell you that USA paid surveys are actually a totally legitimate way to make money form home, but why then do people claim they are a scam?

One group of people that label USA paid surveys a scam are those that I like to call "The Doubters", these are individuals who have made an opinion without actually having tried them. The reason for this is because people refuse to believe you can make good money from something as simple as completing surveys.

The second group of people are those I call "The Fantasist". Surveys are a great way to make money from home but they aren't an instant remedy that will make you thousands of dollars within a week. Those that believe opportunities like that exist will be searching for the rest of their lives whilst those with common sense are making money from paid surveys.

The third group I entitle "The Unfortunate" these are the ones with genuine reason to feel that surveys are a scam because they have actually fallen victim to a surveys scam but just because one is a scam doesn't mean they all are. I feel a little sorry for "The Unfortunates" as because of one bad experience they will never believe in surveys again and will sadly miss out on a great opportunity. Every area of the internet has its scams and paid surveys are no different but if you avoid the scams they are more than worth it.

Finally I come to "The Scrooges", these are the people that think every thing should be available for nothing and have decided to use one of the many free list of companies that are available. The reason they will have complained is because they will have made nothing but what did they expect. The best companies are only available on the paid sites and that is the only way to make money. People complain that a fee is charged but it is no different from lets say free television and cable - If you want the best programs you have to pay a price and surveys are exactly the same.

The fact is that those that do USA paid surveys in the right way are making good money from paid surveys and frankly couldn't give a damn what any one else thinks, and I for one agree with them.

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