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How to Pay for an Item on eBay?

There can be different payment modes on eBay, decision depends on the seller, and how he or she accepts. Each seller being unique can accept different payment methods listed. If you go through the item description before bidding you will find the payment method the seller is wanting. Best way to pay on eBay is to clicking on the “pay now” button. You will see such a button appearing on the web page when you have selected the item you want to buy and also in the email sent to you by eBay confirming your item selection.

PayPal is, as the name suggests, very user friendly and hence the easiest and fastest way to pay for items on eBay. It helps you with various options for paying like credit and debit cards, bank accounts or electronic payments. It is best if the seller of your item chooses PayPal. In that case you simply have to click on the “pay now” button. After reviewing your purchase you can soon pay with PayPal. The seller will then be immediately informed about your payment.

But if you are opting for some other kind of payment option like sending a cheque or a money order then after clicking on the “pay now” button you will get details on such kind of detailed payment procedures. In this you will get to note down the address where your payment has to reach. Here, where PayPal kind of reliable body is not involved, you have to be very careful. You should try to bid on items where you have the freedom to choose the payment type. For instance, if you want to send a cheque but the seller is pressing upon to pay via money order, sounds fishy. It is obligatory to pay to the seller using one of the methods stated in the eBay listing. If some seller changes such methods below the entire listing, you should press upon paying through one of the methods specified.

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