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Pay Per Click Advertising - What is it?

Pay Per Click Advertising are affiliate program scripts either set up on a website or search engines that count the number of click thru’s YOU either send or receive.

A perfect example of a pay per click program is Google Adwords. Google Adwords are the advertisements you see on the right hand side when you search the google search engine for your specific keywords.

These are called “sponsored links”.

What happens is, a business set’s up a Google Adwords account, sets up their heading and advertisement, enters the keywords that they want their ad shown for when those keywords are entered into the Google search engine, set their bid price and a way they go!

For placing the business owners specific ad on the Google website, Google then gets a nice little profit for every web surfer that clicks thru on the business owners ad.

Some website owners also set up these type of Pay Per Click Advertising on their websites.

This can sometimes be a cheaper alternative to paying for traffic from Google Adwords. Usually these types of websites pay around 0.01 cent to 0.10 cents per click that you send them.

If you would like to run a pay per click advertisement program on your website to drive in cheap traffic you can pick up scripts that you can load to your website fairly cheaply. Just type into the Google search engine “pay per click script”.

I’ve seen some come as cheap as $37!

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