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Search Engine Ranking Companies

The good news is that there are legitimate search engine rankling companies that are truly competent to handle your ranking issues. The bad news: there are also bad ones, and they seem to outnumber the superior companies. These "fake" search engine ranking firms are out to either overcharge you for services you could have done yourself, or improve your ranking using "black hat" techniques that will work against your site in the long run.

It's easy to spot fakers - they promise too much. Here are two of the most common false claims that some search engine ranking companies make. Be sure not to fall for them.

The "pay-per-click" assurance

Many companies try to fool novice website owners into thinking that their sites are rank first on certain keywords by paying sponsored links - those paid "advertisements" that appear on top of every search page. Surveys show that these paid links are given lower premium by internet users who recognize them as advertising. Such links may work for you, but may be wasting money in the long run. Remember that the search engine ranking company has to continuously outbid the existing highest bidders on your behalf (using your money) in order to secure the top "sponsored links" position for your site. Not only is this an expensive and misleading type of service - this is also something you could very easily do yourself without paying thousands of dollars to a search engine ranking firm.

The "mass submission" assurance

Many search engine optimization companies also promise to submit your site to 50,000 directories or more. So many things are wrong with this picture. First of all, the number of search engines and directories do not even reach 50,000. And even if your site does get submitted to a record number of directories, this still does not help your ranking in the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN. These major engines do not even rely on submission - they "spider" the Web on their own and will likely spot your Web site if it is correctly optimized and is generally high-quality. The "mass submission" assurance is nothing but yet another tactic that sketchy search engine ranking companies use to impress and take money from uninformed Web site owners.

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