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Pay Per Play

Most of us have heard of Pay Per Click advertising, and how hugely successful it has been. It makes good money for advertisers and for website owners who use Pay Per Click. Advertisers get targeted traffic that is interested in their product, and website owners get another income stream from their traffic. The drawback to Pay Per Click is when someone clicks on the ad that makes you money, they are taken away from your site.

With the popularity of the internet continuing to grow, major advertisers of traditional media were bound to follow. That is where Pay Per Play has filled a need.

The way Pay Per Play works is you paste a small piece of code into your website. When a visitor comes to a page on your site that has the code, they hear a 5 second ad that is relevant to the topic if that page. The best part is, there is no click required. The only thing required for you to make money with this program is for you to have traffic coming to your website. 100% of all visitor s to your site will make you money.

This program is set to go online on February 1st 2008.

Now, anyone with a website or a blog has another source of income available to them. This program pays 25% of whatever the advertiser pays for the ad. You can have an account set up and have the code on your website in as little as 10 minutes.

You have total freedom to put this code onto as many pages as you want on your site. Whether that's 1 page or every page it doesn't matter. The best part is each visitor will only hear 1 ad per visit, no matter how many pages they view on your site. This means you don't risk annoying your visitors with multiple ads and driving them away. Because of this I would recommend that you put the code on every page, and increase your money making potential.

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Source: www.articlesphere.com