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Video Post Marketing Compared to Pay Per Click Advertising

I have been working online since 1995 and have did many different ways of marketing. Pay Per click was one way I created traffic to my website.

Now video post marketing is the way I create most of my website traffic. If you are not posting video to market online you are missing the punch With your online marketing campaign. With pay per click you can lose a lot of money if you just jump in and not learn how it all really works. Believe me, I did it the wrong way an I lost a lot of money.

Lets say you have $100.00 to spend on pay per click. So you set up a pay per click account and start paying for every time some one clicks on your ad. The next day you login to your account to find out the $100.00 is all gone, spent in the last 24 hours. But you did not make any sells on your website. Now What?

Either you put more money in your account or maybe learn video post marketing like I did.

If you would have told me one year ago that I would be posting video to market my products online I would have laughed at you. I had no clue how to operate my wife’s digital camera much less post a video. I did my first video surfing at youtube Jan. 27, 2007. Now less than 6 months time I have posted over 70 video's to youtube and 37 other video hosting sites with one template.

Now I don't have to use my money for pay per click. I post a video and in many cases I have had first page results in Google, less than 24 hours. The best part is every time some one clicks on my video that I posted does not cost me anything.

If you are looking for a new concept to market online with video post marketing is really fast for results and cheap. Your video will always be there unlike pay per click, when your money is gone your ad is gone also. Can't get traffic like that.

There are services on the internet now that make video post marketing easy to learn. You don't need a camera. You can create a video within one hour and then post it to 38 free video hosting sites and 12 social book marking sites with one submission. You can a learn with video's, how to do this easy video post marketing to create real quality traffic with out pay per click.

Corey Hoffman has been working online since 1995. He teaches his team members with video's and how to market online with video post marketing. To read more about his experience with video post marketing visit http://www.Video-Post-Marketing.com

Learn to create a video with out owning a camera. Video post marketing is the cheapest way to advertise online and get fast result. I post my video posting statics on my website to show you that I get first page result within 24 hours of posting my video's. http://www.Video-Post-Marketing.com

Source: www.articledashboard.com