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Review - 37 Killer Adwords Pay Per Click Secrets Exposed

Pay per click advertising can be tricky if you do not know what you are doing, especially if you are advertising on the largest search engine in the world, Google. If you have tried Google AdWords and you are still struggling there are several resources out there to help you. Maybe you already have read nearly every pay per click/ AdWords book on the market but you are still losing money and you haven’t found any useful information yet. There is still hope.

Roger Hall put his proven system to Google AdWords in a simple eBook; 37 Killer AdWords Pay Per Click Secrets Exposed. In his eBook he details 37 different ways that you can adjust your ad to improve your click through rating. Each of these “secrets” was tested and he shows the results of each test. For example, in one “secret” he says you just have to substitute one word to improve your click through rating. If you follow his easy steps you will save time and money with your AdWords campaign.

Quality score is also important in achieving successful AdWords campaigns. This is Google’s way of telling you how relevant your ad and website are to the key word that you are bidding on. The higher your quality score the higher Google will rank your ad. Mr. Hall also developed what he calls a “Quality Factor” or “Q factor.” This is simply a recipe to follow which results in a better quality score.

This book has helped me to understand AdWords better and improve my campaigns. After following the 37 “secrets” I am now seeing a higher click through rating and more sales. 37 Killer Adwords Pay per click Secrets Exposed is filled with over 100 pages of secret tips, resources, methods and information. It is not a tiny little eBook that you are going to forget about overnight. If you are a regular advertiser with Google AdWords then you must add this eBook to your collection of AdWords resources. It is easy to understand, each ad example is shown and each secret is proven to work.

Ms. Talbert has been an online marketer since 2003. She has sold on eBay, has been involved with SFI and numerous other Affiliate programs. Currently she writes reviews of marketing and advertising products to aid affiliate marketers and webmasters. To subscribe to her free newsletter visit: http://www.freeinformation.12w.net Or visit her blog at: http://cltsmarketingresources.blogsavy.com

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