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The short answer is NO. The long answer is - sort of.

Pay Per Click marketing on the internet is one of the most sophisticated methods of reaching a highly targeted audience yet devised. Yet many beginning marketers jump into it with abandon and experience humiliation at its challenges.

There has been an onslaught of books and guides to mastering Pay Per Click, and no doubt some people who have bough these have made profits from what they learned.

Most Pay Per Click advertisers are blundering around helplessly however. Because Pay Per Click is such a dynamic advertising method, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

Anybody who has done any more than a small amount of Pay Per Click knows its easy to lose money by targeting the wrong keywords, writing the wrong kind of ads, or even just sending traffic to web pages that don’t generate profits.

Thus a whole market in Pay Per Click tools and training has sprung up from Perry Marshall’s materials to new software applications that seemingly “cheat” the system.

Several new products have been released in the last year which have features that allow Pay Per Click marketers to “spy” on the ads of others. With these programs its possible to run surveillance campaigns to see which ads stick around and how much traffic they get.

While the sales copy for all of these programs will imply that merely studying the ads that appear to be doing well will guide you to profits, the truth is that a lot of people are overpaying for their Pay Per Click traffic and are running campaigns that aren’t profitable.

In using any kind of Pay Per Click intelligence program such as Undercover Profits or the newer, cheaper AdSpyPro, its essential to use good judgment when copying a competitors strategy. Its very possible that your competition knows very little about building profitable Pay Per Click campaigns.

In the end, success with Pay Per Click, like all marketing, comes down to testing and discernment. The spy software can be useful, but it does not guarantee Pay Per Click profits any more than reading a book about it does.

Loren Woirhaye is a direct sales entrepreneur and consultant. His website is ZeroDollarMarketer.com

Source: www.articledashboard.com