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Xbox 360 Emulator-What Is It

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is the latest among the power gaming consoles out in the market today. And because the new game console provides a more than normal playing experience, a number of individuals, groups and even companies have started the buzz or talks regarding the possible development of different types of emulators to allow them to play Xbox 360 in various platforms.

Basically, an emulator can either be a software emulator which enables the computer system to work on a totally different software program from the one which was originally installed. On the other hand, the hardware emulator comes in the form of a hardware device and is designed for multi platform operations.

Earlier in March this year, reports came out that Nintendo Entertainment System or NES has released an emulator system dedicated for the Xbox 360. By making their own emulators, NES is able to allow the user to take the ROMs of most NES games and put them in the newer Xbox 360.

The use of console emulators began in the mid-90s. Console emulators were used to then to repackage and reissue their older games on newer versions of their game consoles. An example of which is the repackaging of their games for the Nintendo Wii which will allow for emulation of NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16 games.

However, there's still a huge issue regarding the development of emulator programs and hardware. Since other game platforms are created by companies that are more or less competing in the same business, no single company will give the rights to its competitor to create emulators that will allow their games to run on the competitor's game console.

Xbox 360 was originally created by Microsoft with the collaboration of companies like IBM, ATI, Samsung and SiS. The Xbox 360 was meant to replace the older Xbox game console which was also a product of Microsoft. Microsoft and its partners aimed to further improve the potential and capabilities of the Xbox by releasing the Xbox 360.

The new game console promised to give the best level of gaming experience unavailable from the older Xbox as well as from other brands and/or game console competition. It was proven to be such a popular game console. Since its release, millions of units have been sold not only across the country but all over the globe.

The Xbox 360 was created in such a way that the game consul is compatible with most of the Xbox's previously published games, especially the top selling ones. The 360 is backwards compatible so it doesn't actually need an emulator for older Xbox games.

Some consider emulators, either software or hardware, as illegal since they programs and hardware are used to change the games on a computer and can be modified to allow one to play pirated games. The Xbox 360 has a software emulator which allows them to play only original Xbox games since the creators of the game only licensed the hardware in the original Xbox.

Theoretically, however, one can emulate anything in an Xbox except for PS2 and Gamecube. Several emulators are already available for consoles I've never heard of. Other popular consoles already have their own working emulators. Basically, you'll need an emulator and ROMs to be able to emulate in your Xbox. ROM is basically a game in a format that can be read and used by an emulator.

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