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Best PPC Management Tools To Manage Pay Per Click Campaigns

Top PPC Management Tools for Effective Pay Per Click Optimization:

With the Current competition that prevails in the Pay per click based online advertising scenario it is important that internet marketing companies use more refined tools to manage their PPC campaings. Please take a look at the possible PPC Management tools that can help you be more effective.

  1. Atlas Search is a very effective PPC management and Pay per click optimization tools. Atlas Search’s exclusive allows rule based bidding to set bidding on keyword to meet marketing goals with less hands-on management and resources. Atlas Search support pay per click search engines like Google, Yahoo, GoClick, SearchFeed, MIVA, Kanoodle, Enhance Interactive, Mirago, Search123, Ask Jeeves, and Turbo 10.

  • BidRank is a PPC campaign management tool for desktops. BidRank works on rank range, maximum bid for each individual keyword listing, update frequency, and target rank. The bids can be updated every 60 seconds to every 24 hours. BidRank Plus supports Google AdWords, Enhance Interactive (formerly ah-ha), BrainFox, MIVA, Kanoodle, SearchFeed, 411web, Turbo10, Mirago, 7Search, Mamma & QuePasa!

  • PPC Bid Max is a keyword bid management and optimization tools. The key operation of PPC Bid Max are:
    1. build your keyword list
    2. manage your keywords
    3. automatically monitor your keyword bids
    4. URLs at all major pay per click search engines.

  • PPC Pro is again a PPC Bid Management Tool for desktops. PPC Pro, is a rank monitoring and setting PPC tool. One can set keyword position that you wish to maintain and it update your bids to ensure that you rank at your choice of position.
  • These PPC management tools are great to help you optimize your PPC campaigns and the choice of the tool can depend on your marketing goals and strategy.

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    Source: www.articlesphere.com