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Why You Need to Track and Test Your PPC Campaigns

Pay per click advertising is great way to generate targeted traffic to your product or affiliate product quickly. Google AdWords is the most popular choice, but you can also run PPC campaigns on yahoo, msn, miva and enhance. For you to have a profitable PPC campaign, you need to have the right keywords or shall we say the profitable keywords. If you have the wrong keywords, then you are going to be losing money on each campaign you run.

To know which keywords and ads are profitable, you need to split test your ads and track your keywords. This means you run 2 different ads at the same time and have different tracking ids for each keyword. This way you can find out which ads and keywords are converting into sales. After you run your first split test and have the winning ad, create another ad with more keywords and split test the new ad against your winning ad. You keep testing and tracking you will come up with profitable PPC campaigns and if you use Google adwords your quality score will go up. A higher quality score means you get better placement of your ad and you pay less per click.

You can spend weeks testing, tracking and tweaking your ads and keywords. In the beginning you might lose money, but in the long run you will be in the black. It is very tedious work, but PPC advertising is very competitive and if done incorrectly can cause you to lose a lot of money. Always stay within your budget. Google adwords has you set a daily budget and also how much you will spend on each click of your ad. If you can only afford $10.00 per day, then make sure you only spend $10.00 per day. Your tracking of keywords may take a little longer but by staying on your budget will make sure that you know which are the profitable keywords. You must track, test and tweak your ads and keywords.

There are software packages that can help you with all the testing and tracking. The software allows pay-per-click advertisers to uncover what keywords, ads, and products are either losing money or making money. You can then take this information to immediately turn a profit, instead of spending weeks or months testing, tracking, and tweaking.

Peter O'Brien has been doing business online since 2006

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