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Race in the fun With The Flash Party!

The Flash parties celebrate one of the fastest superheroes ever to grace the pages of DC Comics. Boys especially love this superhero for their birthday party theme. The Flash came about during the Silver Age of comic books and should be celebrated like the hero he is.

Even if your son or daughter loves all different superheroes, a the Flash party may just be what he or she wants for her next birthday. Send out invitations in red and gold to match the party theme. Make sure to attach the Flash’s signature lightening bolt stickers to the invitation. The guests will need to run super fast like the Flash to the party to have a great time!

Decorating for a the Flash party is super simple. You can use brightly colored red and yellow balloons and decorations as well as hang the Flash pictures and drawings all over the house. The colors of red and gold are easy accents to find at any discount or dollar store. Look for napkins, plates and cups in those colors to spruce up the cake table.

A terrific party game for a the Flash party would be having all the guests run a race around an obstacle course. Or, try to do it in teams as a relay race. Since the Flash is known for his super speed the winner of the race gets a piece of candy to represent sugar the energy snack most kids love. Flashlights make cute party favors for this type of birthday.

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